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Trustedoctor enables you to arrange real-time consultations with the right specialist for your needs when treatment decisions are urgent and travel may be difficult.

Our comprehensive doctor profiles provide all of the information that a patient requires to decide for themselves who is the best fit for their specific condition.

Step by step to get your second opinion.

Find your doctor

Search our global database for the best specialist for your needs.

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Open your Trustedoctor account for free. Upload your documents and a summary of your case.

Doctor receives your request

Your chosen doctor receives your appointment request. They then review the records you’ve uploaded to assess whether they are the right fit for your needs.

Request an appointment

Request an appointment with your selected doctor and share your health records.

Accepting your case and payment 1

If they agree to take your case you can book your consultation from a range of available slots and make payment securely via PayPal. The doctor may choose to consult for free.

Contact specialist online via video call

Discuss your case with your chosen doctor specialist online, via an interactive video call and recieve a written second opinion after the appointment.

1. Alternatively, if they choose not to take your case, they will refer you to a doctor whom they consider more suitable for your needs, with whom you can make an appointment.

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