Your digital medical record.

Easy to create, secure to share.
Simple to use for you and your doctors.

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A secure place to store, organize, share your medical history.

Trustedoctor developed PatientLink to help you create a secure profile of your medical history or health condition. Simply, upload all your medical data and securely reach out to any doctor of your preference.

Besides being your digital medical record, PatientLink is also a link to world's leading doctor specialists. Upon request we will share with you a list of doctors from our research for your condition. You can send the link to any doctors of your interest. Any doctors receiving the shared link would be able to review the case with a click of the mouse in any browser.

Create your digital medical record, share it with doctors, get the treatment you need.

First: About your health condition.

Register as a patient.

Create your Trustedoctor account. It's Free. Upload your documents and a summary of your case.

Fill in your profile.

Go to settings for your medical profile from the dashboard or menu bar.

Upload files.

Add information of your health condition, describe it and upload the files to your medical cloud.

Preview your medical profile.

Go to settings to view your medical profile from the dashboard or menu bar.

Second: Let us know about your health condition.

Let us know.

Inform us about your health condition either through chat or email

Quick response under 7 days.

Expect a list of doctor specialists in less than 7 days. You decide who gets your PatientLink in order to get a second opinion.

Your email is ready.

A sample email is waiting for you to be send to the doctor and save your time.

Send your PatientLink to doctors of your choice.

You are ready to send you PatientLink to a doctor specialist from our list or any doctor you choose.

Reaching doctor specialists should be easy and available to everyone. That's why we created PatientLink.

Take your health in your own hands and and get better with PatientLink.

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