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One of our founders, Philippe, tells us that healthcare is getting increasingly complex (he should know, he's a Harvard trained brain surgeon!). He also tells us that having the right data in the right place at the right time is the key to successful treatment.

Unfortunately, with so many providers and so many systems, it can be very difficult to get them all to talk to each other. And of course, if something should happen to you and you need to quickly access your medical data, it's reassuring knowing you can.

When you do need to share your data with a doctor or hospital, E-link patient creates a secure link that can be sent directly. It's super secure and very quick. And here's the cool bit, you can control how much of your data is shared and when the "event" is over you can withdraw access. You stay in control of your data.

E-link patient


E-link hospital
Medical Profile

Create your own medical resume and time line summary.

E-link hospital
Big Storage

Drag and drop uploader and huge storage capacity makes managing your medical files child's play.

E-link hospital
Portable Link

Share your E-link with doctors and other healthcare providers quickly and securely.

E-link hospital
Data Tracking

Control who sees your data and withdraw access when no longer required.

E-link hospital
One Click Data Viewer

Image viewer allows to view scans and test results in a convenient and meaningful way.

E-link hospital
Video Consultations

Engage with your healthcare team in a more meaningful and convenient way.

Why we think you'll like us?

Creating your own E-link patient is a very smart thing to do. With a little up-front effort, your data will be secure and highly portable. More importantly, should the time come, you'll be prepared, which means you could avoid unnecessary delays in sourcing the right treatment.

It's easy to do, puts you in control, easy to share and secure. Costs less than half a cup of coffee a month.

It's well documented that engaged and informed patients do better, so start being organized and stop being a passive passenger in the game of health!

Passive Passenger
Passive Passenger

In today's complex and ever-changing medical world it is no longer acceptable to be a passive patient in your medical care. With a little effort you can become your own health advocate.

Improve Your Chances
Improve Your Chances

It is common to receive care from different medical providers. E-link patient can potentially improve your outcome by allowing you to better coordinate and share your medical data.

Don't Be A Loner
Don't Be A Loner

Storing and managing your medical data has far more benefits if you're connected to the healthcare community, which is what we're really good at.

Your Network
Be Your Own Life Saver

Having an E-link patient can literally be a lifesaver. In an emergency you can quickly give doctors vital information that could help guide treatment.


When my wife was diagnosed with cancer we spent a lot of time sending scans and medical records to different specialists. When we found Trustedoctor and set up our E-patient link everything started to move much faster. It's a great idea and saved us a lot of time.

David McBride

Having been taken ill abroad, I was very grateful to have access to all my medical records.


I look after myself and use various monitoring devices to track my health. This seemed like the obvious next step. I feel confident to know that all my medical data is in one place and can be shared quickly should the need arise.

Sarah W

I've been an E-patient user for 3 months and although it took a few minutes to set up, I have peace of mind that if I ever need to share my data I can.

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