Simplifying access to specialized healthcare.

As smart doctors (and occasionally patients) we felt the enquiry process to specialist care was dated and inefficient. Thus, we created Enquiry-Link - for hospitals, for doctors and for patients, everywhere.

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Simplifying access to specialized healthcare

Our products

Hospitals & Healthcare institutions
E-link hospital

Efficient enquiry handling. Curated enquiries, integrated data viewer. Review, respond, collaborate and monetize.

E-link doctor

Better handle patient enquiries. Review files, receive payment and consult remotely. Share scans securely.

Insurers, benefits platforms
E-link patient

Store and manage your medical records, prepare your medical profile and share access with any doctor.


The number of countries where doctors and patients love us.

Amount of data securely stored, curated and transmitted.

Who we are.

We are a healthcare technology company and we've created a suite of highly effective, unifying, plug and play tools that make the enquiry process to specialized healthcare simpler, more convenient and more meaningful for doctors, patients and healthcare intermediaries.

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Find, connect and consult with our hand-picked and curated list of leading medical experts. E-Search gives you unprecedented video access to some of the world's most accomplished medical specialists because when you're seriously ill, finding the right doctor could save your life.

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