Trial Investigator.

— Recruit and screen patients. Customise your intake form, create eConsents and offer virtual visits for assessment and monitoring.

What is —
E-link Trial Investigator?

E-link Trial Investigator allows you to improve patient access to your trial. Allow patients to engage with you remotely to fill in your questionnaires and consent forms before having an online recruitment consultation.

During the trial, you can use the same link to monitor your patients and have follow-up consultations.

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Why we think
— you'll like us?

Receive curated, structured enquires to your clinical trial with the ability to immediately view patient uploaded history to recruit a patient while engaging in a timely and digital manner.

Conduct a digital and decentralised trial patient recruitment. Review the uploaded documents and accepted consents, offer virtual consultations and assess the patient eligibility - everything in one place. E-Link Investigator requires no integration and is a standalone solution.


of patients had their clinical trials suspended or delayed due to pandemic.


up to 50% sites enroll one or no patients in their studies.


of investigators considers patient identificaiton and recruitment to be digital and decentralized.


of investigators expect the adoption of telemedicine consultation as part of decentralized trial after the pandemic.

A multi—tool streamlined platform.

Save time and work smart when handling inbound clinical trial recruitment requests. Trustedoctor E-link Investigator is your personal digital channel to curated and customised requests that allows you to review, assess patient eligibility and communicate or monitor online.

E-link for receiving enquiries:
 easy to share and personalised per clinic.


Time-saving enquiry forms:
customisable and including consent capture.


Secure, fully-compliant data exchange between patients and clinic.


Easy management within a team.


Built-in, dedicated viewer for eligibility review.


Virtual interaction during recruitment and patient monitoring.

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