Clinical Trial.

— set up a group of participating trial centers and exchange the data in an anonymised way to accelerate the trial.

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E-link Clinical Trial?

E-link Clinical Trial allows a clinical research centre to set up and configure a decentralized portal for clinical data exchange and management between participating centres. It will improve interoperability between study partners and accelerate the progress of data sharing and review.

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Set up a clinical trial with a group of participating trial centres to collaborate and exchange the data.

Configure your clinical trial, assign permissions to collaborating multi-trial centres and exchange data in a real time and anonymised way.


Clinical Trial respondents surveyed report the need to improve information exchange among study partners.


of clinical trial operation leaders say they have significant challenges with the methods used to exchange information during clinical trials.


of clinical leaders report the need to improve information data exchange among study partners to reduce manual processes and improve interoperability


of clinical leaders responds that better information and data exchange between centres and study participants would improve speed of study execution.

A multi—tool streamlined platform.

Save time and work in an efficient way when collaborating and exchanging data between clinical trial centers. Trustedoctor E-link Clinical Trial is a configurable digital portal for information exchange during clinical trials. When set up in tailored way, it will reduce manual processes, improve interoperability between multi centers and increase the speed of trial execution.

Create clinical trial and customise stages on the request form.

Invite participant from multi-centers of the trials to send you data that is being anonymized.

Receive, review and download for your corelab.

See the data in the medical file viewer.

Speed up data exchange between multicentres.

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