— create your end-to-end digital product dashboards for your insured members on our platform.

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E-link Insurance?

E-link Insurance allows insurance clients to power the build and the hosting of their digital products on trustedoctor infrastructure offering unique services in specialised healthcare to their customers.

Trustedoctor is a plug and play infrastructure that accelerates embedded insurance, expedites new product launches and improves customer experience.

We support leading insurance companies:

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Create your digital product dashboards in specialised medicine for your insured members on trustedoctor infrastructure.

Expedite new product launches, accelerate insurance and non-insurance benefits, offer unique services in specialised healthcare and improve customer service.


of customers are open to ecosystem services offered by insurers


The share of digitally active customers in the last four years.


of carriers lack digital agility to support digital transformation.


of insurers use third party solution for at least one component of digital transformation.

A multi—tool streamlined platform.

Reduce time to market, drive innovation and offer add-on services and products in specialised healthcare built on Trustedoctor platform. Trustedoctor E-link Insurance will allow your company to create digital product dashboards accelerating the launch of insurance and non-insurance benefits with unique services in specialised medicine.

Save time and resources using our platform as a hub to host your healthcare digital products.

Get creative and customize your product dashboard.

Offer unique services to your clients based on our virtual ecosystem

Explore additional modules as needed.

What they
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Users, professionals and other advocates with common passion to make specialised healthcare accessible to anyone anywhere.



Expert in protection insurance, Cover magazine, April 2020, United Kingdom

E-link Insurance

The idea of a digital specialist available for an online discussion is a powerful proposition for protection insurance. The key lies in the combination of easy to use technology platform, the local and global network of doctors and the attention to details on the customer service.



Consultant Medical Oncologist, The Journal of mHealth, Aug 2020, United Kingdom

E-link doctor

I have been using Trustedoctor for my video consultations for over a year. It is an incredibly useful tool for remote consultations, particularly second medical opinions, as well as keeping in touch with patients who are struggling to attend in person.



CEO London Clinic on collaboration with Trustedoctor, The Journal of mHealth, Aug 2020, United Kingdom

E-link hospital

Connect is an important part of our overall mission of advancing healthcare. We are thrilled to be introducing this new service, which will bring some of the services of our hospital, along with the unparalleled expertise of our consultants and healthcare professionals, right into people’s homes.

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