— Receive enquiries and consultation requests from your private patients. Consult, receive payment and offer opinions.

What is —
E-link Doctor?

E-link Doctor allows you to save time and work smart when handling enquiries. We've combined email, messages, data transfer, image viewer, video consultations, payment system and much more into one personalized and insanely simple link.

It is a bit like a really smart email address that patients can use to transfer files, make a direct enquiry to you.

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Receive curated, structured enquires with the ability to immediately view scans, files, test results and patient history.

Review and respond options to offer a physical appointment, written second opinion or virtual consultation - everything in one place. Seamless, simple and efficient. E-link Doctor requires no integration and will work with any existing software system. We have two payment options - pay as you use or small monthly subscription. No contract, no worries.


of consumers select a provider who allows them to conduct healthcare interactions online.


of physicians use and will adopt digital health tools for patient engagement.


of patients used video conferencing to communicate with their healthcare providers.

A multi—tool streamlined platform.

Save time and work smart when handling inbound enquiries or requests. Trustedoctor E-link Doctor is your digital personal channel to curated and well presented requests that allows you to respond, monetize and communicate with your customers in a flexible, efficient and meaningful way.

E-link for receiving enquiries:
 easy to share and personalised per practice.


Time-saving enquiry forms:
customisable and including consent capture.


Secure, fully-compliant data exchange between patients and specialists.


Easy management of team enquires.


Built-in, dedicated medical file viewer.


Virtual interaction between patients and specialists.

What they
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Users, professionals and other advocates with common passion to make specialised healthcare accessible to anyone anywhere.



Consultant Medical Oncologist, United Kingdom

E-link Doctor

I have been using Trustedoctor for my video consultations for over a year. It is an incredibly useful tool for remote consultations, particularly second medical opinions, as well as keeping in touch with patients who are struggling to attend in person.



Expert in protection insurance, Cover magazine, April 2020, United Kingdom

E-link insurance

The idea of a digital specialist available for an online discussion is a powerful proposition for protection insurance. The key lies in the combination of easy to use technology platform, the local and global network of doctors and the attention to details on the customer service.



CEO London Clinic, United Kingdom

E-link hospital

The London Clinic chose to partner with healthcare technology provider Trustedoctor, which is renowned for its security as much as its cutting-edge tech. Connect is an important part of our overall mission of advancing healthcare.

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