Employee Benefits.

— leverage our unique services in specialised healthcare for your employees on a customised branded platform.

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E-link Employee Benefits?

E-link Employee Benefits allows employers to power employee programs in specialised healthcare on one single digital platform.

Employers can leverage trustedoctor ecosystem of professional users in healthcare to build and offer innovative services to their employees.

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Power unique employee benefits in specialised healthcare for your employees leveraging trustedoctor ecosystem.

Customise the platform, choose unique insurance and non-insurance services we can offer and meet the needs of your employee base.


HR leaders confirm that key benefits are expanding and shifting.


of employees say health is a bigger concern than wealth or career.


respondents consider post pandemic health benefits as one of the most desirable employee benefits.

A multi—tool streamlined platform.

Save time and partner way with an employee benefit service provider whose technology can adapt and scale to your digital healthcare strategy. E-link Employee Benefits leverages Trustedoctor ecosystem of professional users and can offer unique services to meet employees' shifting post pandemic benefit needs in specialised healthcare.

Save time and resources using our platform as a hub to host your healthcare digital products.

Get creative and customize your product dashboard.

Offer unique services to your clients based on our virtual ecosystem

Explore additional modules as needed.

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