Service Provider.

— create your own e-link and customised intake form. Receive enquiries and offer your services virtually to patients and customers.

What is —
E-link Service Provider?

If you are a service provider in healthcare such as healthcare coach, dietician, psychologist and or other professional active in healthcare equip yourself with E-link Service Provider. It will allow you to save time and work smart when handling customers enquiries. We've combined email, messages, data transfer, image viewer, video consultations, payment system and much more into one personalized and simple link.

It is a bit like a really smart email address that patients can use to transfer files, make a direct enquiry to you.

We support healthcare providers and coaches
from around the world:

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Why we think
— you'll like us?

Receive curated, structured enquires with the ability to immediately view user uploaded history and to engage in a timely and online manner.

Review and respond options to offer a physical discussion, written opinion or virtual consultation - everything in one place. Seamless, simple and efficient. E-Link Provider requires no integration and is a standalone solution.


of consumers select a provider who allows them to conduct healthcare interactions online.


of physicians use and will adopt digital health tools for patient engagement.


of patients used video conferencing to communicate with their healthcare providers.

A multi—tool streamlined platform.

Save time and work smart when handling inbound enquiries or requests. Trustedoctor E-link Provider is your digital personal channel to curated and well presented requests that allows you to respond, monetize and communicate with your customers in a flexible, efficient and meaningful way.

E-link for receiving enquiries:
 easy to share and personalised per practice.


Time-saving enquiry forms:
customisable and including consent capture.


Secure, fully-compliant data exchange between patients and providers.


Easy management within a team.


Built-in, dedicated viewer to review cases.


Virtual interaction between patients and providers.

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