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Product dashboard
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What is — Trustedoctor?

Trustedoctor is a virtual infrastructure platform with an ecosystem of different professional users in specialised healthcare ranging from doctors, hospitals and clinical trials, to patient advocates, navigators and survivors. All of these stakeholders leverage our platform as a SaaS tool to digitally interact and provide their services to clients or patients.

The Trustedoctor platform can also be customised to provide unique online products and services for the specific healthcare ecosystem needs of insurance providers and employers.

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Number of insured members we are exposed to within our Further Group.


Number of countries where our platform is used for healthcare interactions.


Number of medical specialities represented by our professional platform users

Bytes of data securely stored, curated and transmitted.

A multi—tool streamlined platform.

Trustedoctor is a healthtech platform for mobile and desktop. We bring together an ecosystem of professional users in specialised healthcare on a single platform, enabling us to offer end-to-end digital solutions for insurance companies and employers.

Save time and work smart when handling inbound enquiries or requests. Trustedoctor E-link product is your personal conduit to curated and well presented requests that allows you to respond, monetize and take action in a convenient, flexible and meaningful way.

E-link for receiving enquiries:
 easy to share and personalised per practice.


Time-saving enquiry forms:
customisable and including consent capture.


Secure, fully-compliant data exchange between patients and specialists.


Easy management of team enquires.


Built-in, dedicated medical file viewer.


Virtual interaction between patients and specialists.

A plug and play infrastructure platform for insurers and employers to host, build different digital products in specialised healthcare and offer unique services based on our virtual ecosystem of professional users.

Save time and resources using our platform as a hub to host your healthcare digital products.

Get creative and customize your product dashboard.

Offer unique services
to your clients based on our virtual ecosystem

Explore additional modules as needed.

Our products
— tailored for business clients.

Trustedoctor solutions are purpose-built for healthcare service providers. We make it easy to manage requests, appointments and online interactions so you can focus on what matters most.

Insurers and employers can offer custom digital healthcare products leveraging the platform and our growing base of providers and unique services.

Healthcare Providers

Insurance & Employers

Our platform provides curated access to all professional users and services in our virtual ecosytem, allowing each of our business clients to offer custom products.



Consultant Medical Oncologist, The Journal of mHealth, United Kingdom

E-link doctor

I have been using Trustedoctor for my video consultations for over a year. It is an incredibly useful tool for remote consultations, particularly second medical opinions, as well as keeping in touch with patients who are struggling to attend in person.



Expert in protection insurance, Cover magazine, April 2020, United Kingdom

E-link insurance

The idea of a digital specialist available for an online discussion is a powerful proposition for protection insurance. The key lies in the combination of easy to use technology platform, the local and global network of doctors and the attention to details on the customer service.



CEO London Clinic on collaboration with Trustedoctor, The Journall of mHealth, Aug 2020, United Kingdom

E-link hospital

Connect is an important part of our overall mission of advancing healthcare. We are thrilled to be introducing this new service, which will bring some of the services of our hospital, along with the unparalleled expertise of our consultants and healthcare professionals, right into people’s homes.

We are part of
— something bigger.


Trustedoctor is now part of the Further Group. Together, we design specialist, innovative healthcare solutions in our shared mission of giving more people around the world a better chance of a successful medical outcome.

We combine years of experience in solution design, operational excellence, the latest technology, medical expertise, and are guided by our vision of a world where access to healthcare is not defined by geography.

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