Private Diagnostics

As part of your Legal & General Policy

Virtual Consultation and Diagnostic cover allows you and/or your child access to UK specialists in order to speed up specialist consultations and diagnostic testing for cancer, cardiology, neurosurgery. 

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What’s covered?

Primary virtual consultation with a specialist
This benefit covers the cost of an online consultation with a UK specialist of your choice if you or your child is referred by a General Practitioner (GP) or a Physician to one of the following specialties: 

  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Neurosurgery

Diagnostic testing

Following the completion of you or your child’s primary virtual consultation the specialist consultant may recommend that further diagnostic tests will be needed.

These tests will be carried out in a UK private hospital or facility and will be sourced and arranged through the Trustedoctor customer portal.

Follow up virtual consultation

This benefit also covers the cost of a follow up virtual consultation with a UK specialist if you or your child have received an initial virtual consultation with a specialist and diagnostic test. The support service will assist you in choosing and arranging a virtual follow up consultation.

Trustedoctor product dashboard

You will be given access to your own customer product dashboard following your initial registration. Within this product dashboard you will have access to a range of services including details of the benefits available and how to access them and additional support tools. You can access the customer portal via www.

Making an enquiry
and a claim for services

To make an enquiry and a claim for services you will need to register for the Trustedoctor portal. You can claim at any time within the policy term. All claims are managed by Trustedoctor.


Trustedoctor will help you to navigate your customer portal and assist you throughout the process.